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October 23, 2012

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

VILLA PARADISO | PISA LUXURY HOMES.    The possibilities are endless …   but I think this particular location would make for a unrivaled spot for a U.S. University study abroad program, holistic SPA,  corporate headquarters for an international corporation or entity …  or an amazing corporate retreat  !!!   I could easily  envision it as a University setting for one of the top  U.S. study abroad programs like those that Stanford University and FSU host in Florence.   It could easily lend itself to being an exceptionally  high-end resort-hotel  or discrete corporate headquarters for an international entity wanting a presence in Tuscany.

Magnificently restored,  this is an historic Italian villa that literally and figuratively sits  on a hilltop in rural Tuscany, Italy.   From the upper loggia there is literally a 365 degree view of the countryside ….  Your eye wanders from the olive groves, orchards and vineyards … to the quaint Tuscan towns and villages between Florence and Pisa.

Inside, on each of the three and 1/2 levels you have  resplendent frescoed ceilings and muraled walls, some of them painstakingly restored …  others in a more original state of magnificence.  There’s a cypress lined road that leads you  from the gated entrance of the property to the villa itself.  And on the grounds of the villa there’s a pool,  hedged rose gardens, a separate ‘garage’ and work room ,  and a private chapel.

Inside the villa, on each of the main floors, the design and floorplan is that of the period in which it was built … There’s  a single central great room that  occupies the center core of the villa on each and every floor ….   from which doors lead into  adjoining quarters, common areas, hallways and stairwell and sleeping quarters…  The main living areas (great rooms) are the core of the villa and form the hub of the home…. spilling out and beyond it’s doors to multiple kitchens, dining rooms and guest quarters, libraries, and sitting areas.

The grounds, pool, gardens and guest rooms and shear beauty of the villa really lend themselves to the image of an astonishingly perfect  SPA or hotel destination … or corporate headquarters/retreat…. or wedding venue.  It’s now owned privately …  but has all the potential to be a space enjoyed by an elite handful.

This remarkable piece of history …  this awe inspiring villa located in Usigliano di Lari …  is listed for sale by Vicki and Alexandra Restivo of EWM Realtors, International.   Because of it’s unique historical designation, and truly magnificently frescoed walls and ceilings, as well as it’s architectural design, Villa Paradiso is overseen and protected  by the Belle Arte… which means it’s historically designated.

I think it’s just one of those rare and unique opportunities to own your own piece of Italy … This palacial ITALIAN VILLA in Tuscany … really is  a masterpiece of  art and architecture … and history.

Villa Paradiso in Usigliano di Lari …  on a hillside between Florence and Pisa… with 360 degree views of the Tuscan countryside.    restivo.v@ewm.com  305 793-1365. The Restivo Team …


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