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Miami Beach Condos

Here is a comprehensive list of most of the Condos on Miami Beach and the year they were built. Contact the Restivo Team  if you would like to buy or sell locally. 200 Ocean Drive Condominium: 200 Ocean Dr. Built in 2000. 401 Blu:  401 69 St. Built in 2005. 1500 Ocean...

Condos in Coconut Grove

Here is a comprehensive list of most of the condos in the Grove, with the year they were built and the total number of units in the building. 1600 South Bayshore Lane: 3171 Via Abitare. Built in 1970, 32 units. Abitare: 3171 Abitare.  Built in 1978, 21 units....

Foreclosures in Process by State

InfoGraphic Methodology as per CoreLogic: The foreclosure inventory represents the number and ratio of homes that have been placed into the process of foreclosure by the mortgage servicer…. via Foreclosures in Process by State.

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