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Condos in Coconut Grove

April 9, 2012

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Here is a comprehensive list of most of the condos in the Grove, with the year they were built and the total number of units in the building.

1600 South Bayshore Lane: 3171 Via Abitare. Built in 1970, 32 units.

Abitare: 3171 Abitare.  Built in 1978, 21 units.

Arboretum in the Grove: 2952 Peachy St.  Built in 1992, 18 units.

Bay Colony: 1620 S Bayshore Ct. Built in 1958, 17 units.

Beacon Harbour: 1660 W Glencoe St. Built in 2005, 10 units.

Chateau Grove: 3265 Virginia St.  Built in 1963, 25 units.

Coco Ibiza Villas: 3356 Bird Ave. Built in 1995, 16 units.

Coconut Grove Apt: 2666 Tigertail Ave. Built in 1973, 27 units.

Coconut Cove: 2750 W Trade Ave. Built in 1964, 12 units.

Coconut Grove Villas: 2919 Coconut Ave. Built in 2004, 8 units.

Courtyards of the Grove: 3240 & 3200 Mary St. Built in 1964.

Dixie Grove Residences: 2630 SW 28 St. Built in 2004, 65 units.

Grove Enclave: Indiana St & McDonald St. Built in 2006.

Grove Gardens Residences: 2498 SW 17 Ave. Built in 2006, 45 units.

Grove Hill Tower: 3540 Main Hwy. Built in 1996, 76 units.

Grove Isle: 2645 S Bayshore Dr. Built in 1980, 501 units.

Grove Square: 2801 Florida Ave. Built in 1987, 92 units.

Grove Palms I & II: 3052 SW 27 Ave.  Built in 1996.

Groves Edge: 2920 SW 28 Te. Built in 1972.

Grove Loft: 3062 Bird Ave.  Built in 2006.

Grovenor House: 2627 S Bayshore Dr. Built in 2005, 166 units.

Grove Haus: 2756 Day Ave. Built in 1994, 16 units.

Grove View: 2550 SW 27 Ave. Built in 2004, 38 units.

Harbour Hill Club: 2539 S Bayshore Dr. Built in 1966, 67 units.

French Villas in the Grove: 2970 Bird Ave. Built in 1995, 18 units.

L’Hermitage: 2000 S Bayshore Dr. Built in 1981, 75 units.

Lincoln Manor:  2950 Jackson Ave. Built in 1982.

Lofts at Mayfair: 3339 Virginia St. Built in 2007, 102 units.

Lofts House: 3000 Florida Ave. Built in 1982.

Provence Village in the Grove: 3035 Center St. Built in 1998, 22 units.

The Monarch Grove: 2977 Mcfarlane Rd. Built in 1990.

The Mutiny: 2951 S Bayshore Dr. Built in 1998, 174 condos.

Residences at Vizcaya: 3535 Hiawatha Ave. Built in 2010, 18 units.

Ritz Carlton Condo / The Executive Residences: 3400 & 3350 SW 27 Ave. Built in 2002, 87 units.

The Grove Club: 2699 Tigertail Ave. Built in 2006, 30 units.

Villagio in the Grove: 2825 Coconut Ave. Built in 2005.

Virginia Oaks Condo: 3304 Virginia St. Built in 1970, 27 units.

Yacht Harbour: 2901 S Bayshore Dr. Built in 1975, 137 units.

If you would like to buy or sell locally, contact the Restivo Team today. There are many units avaialble for sale in many of these buildings … we would love to help you sell yours or buy now!

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