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Unsolicited Advice from a Realtor at a OPEN HOUSE! Selling Miami BETTER,FASTER,SMARTER!

August 30, 2009

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

A distinct benefit to having other Realtors preview a HOUSE YOU ARE SELLING is FEEDBACK …  different perspectives… stories…  tidbits of history!  I LOVE the unsolicited feedback I got from one of my colleagues at EWM. …  simple… and  worth it’s weight in gold! 

My colleague from the EWM Gables office previewed a listing we are selling, at a Broker’s Open, and suggested that  the dining room seemed somewhat over-crowded… She proposed that some  furniture be moved out.  CIMG1312(Note: the living room was empty). 

With her brilliant comment and the ensuing brainstorm that took place during that OPEN HOUSE,  Alexandra and I  kicked  off our shoes,  schlepped a couple of pieces of furniture out from the dining room and put them into another room….    We removed the trunk  from in front of the window.

It worked!   “Ahhhh”   The dining room opened up.  The living room has some corners filled in.  A seemingly insignificant  furniture re-arrangement can make a difference.  We removed one console and one side-piece  (blocking the window).  We put them both in the living room. 

The interior is gorgeous now. No question!  (It ALREADY was!)….  Let me tell you though, living on E-Lake…  as beautiful as this new listing is, your entire life will revolve around your backyard:  9200 SW 140 St in Miami.  Click here for more information.

The day before this particular open house, I’d asked the sellers to find a narrow table for the entry foyer … to define  the space. (They ordered it… and can now cancel!).  

Furnished  rooms are  best,  but  this one house was already so lovely as a whole,  that the unfurnished living room seemed almost inconsequential. My colleague’s ‘eye’  and her shared comment  resolved a  minor staging dilemna  …  in a heartbeat. 

I promised the sellers I’d come back and put everything back as it was,  if they had even the slightest objection to the “staging”.  They had no objections! It is a pleasure working with  gracious and amenable sellers!  

Selling your house?  Being affiliated with one of the top Real Estate firms in the country makes my full-time passion of selling real estate a joy!   Call me, I’d love to help!  Esslinger,Wooten, Maxwell Realtors  (known also as EWM Realtors)  is a well-oiled machine… with cutting edge  technology …  and a family of over 700 Realtors working together to SELL FLORIDA better, faster, smarter.   For your real estate needs  in Miami  (as well as for domestic or international relocations) … or any questions you may have regarding buying or selling property…  contact Vicki Restivo or Alexandra Restivo … and visit their website and blog at MiamiRealEstateCafe.com      (305) 793-1365 or email restivo.v@ewm.com

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