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August 20, 2009

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Love at first sight?   As Realtors, we work with a myriad of foreign buyers.  Many foreign investors are drawn to Miami, as much for the  location and weather as for the laid-back lifestyle, reputation and romantic allure. kissspaceball2

Our buyers  come from Italy, Germany, Spain, Brazil, England…    looking       for exactly the same thing:         a  home in the tropics … a bit   of Miami …  “Un Posto al Sole!” …  a taste of paradise.  They fall     in love, often,   before they even  set foot   here.  Miami has an aura…  a reputation.  Miami is      truly magic.   Miami          HAS  the stuff that     dreams are made of. spaceballspaceball

Buyers want waterfront    homes, and waterview    condos, at great prices, in perfect condition, and  in very, very specific areas.   Brickell and Miami Beach  and the Venetian Causeway seem to be the front-runners, the hottest destinations for  international buyers,  observe international real estate experts, Vicki and Alexandra Restivo at EWM Realtors, Miami.

“Coming from a world rich in history, the veritable lack of history that Miami offers is  almost magnetic, drawing foreign buyers in,  in droves.  They  embrace  the ‘new’ with a fervor that doesn’t seem to be found elsewhere.  What is it about our  ultra modern highrise condos?   They seem to offer something  that appeals on almost every level imaginable:  Floor to ceiling glass (impact resistant, hurricane glass) with an intrinsic sense of safety…  Concierge for every whim and fancy… Valet Parking… Lunch “on-the-run”  ( the famed American sandwich)… breakfast, wi-fi and a  laptop  (otherwise  known as a stop at Starbucks!) …  and the all important proximity to the beach.  After all, Miami  IS, the epitome of the eternal vacation.  Salt water and yachts… No  mountains …   The sweltering sun and  tropical romance  are intoxicating:  The people watching  and seemingly endless nightlife are addicting.  So… what exactly is it about Miami that makes it such a foreign affair?”

 “Word of mouth”…   A comment between friends.  A secret, a shared story, a dream or two.   A guest coming to visit.  Vicki Restivo  enjoys working with the foreign investors:  “I must say, the foreign buyers’ enthusiasm is catching… isn’t it? Working with international buyers is a whirlwind:  translating not only contracts, but conversations:  for interior decorators, furniture suppliers, marble and tile designers, car dealers, and legal advisors. It puts  a whole new spin on real estate.  Miami is unquestionably a foreign affair…  with Miami being  a “melting pot” in the very best sense of the term!” … and…the Restivos welcome your thoughts and insights on their Blog:  MiamiRealEstateCafe.com !  For international relocations or vacation property acquisitions, contact Vicki  at 305 793 1365 or Alexandra at 305 632-0164… or through restivo.v@ewm.com.  Again, your comments are always welcomed!

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