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Why One House Sells … Another Doesn’t

April 21, 2013

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

We started with 16 possible homes last Tuesday … and set up appointments to see them this weekend.

By Saturday morning,  half of them were already  under contract.

Each of the 16 our buyers asked to see  looked good online….  By yesterday 8 were under contract.   Apparently a number of them were not only “good” online but in person as well.

Our buyers wondered outloud  (as we drove to the first of our viewing yesterday):  “I wonder what made that  house sell so fast …  and this one not.”

What makes one  house sell … another not?




Does it have something to do with the bright and bubbly listing agent who shows up to open,  with a wealth of information and enthusiasm?

Is it the repeated incompetancy of a particular listing agent … (not insuring access to a gated community  …  not advising the owner  of the showing?  … forgetting the appointment?)

Is it that very first impression as you open the door ?

… The staged/clean/welcoming and well-maintained home ?  

 … or….

… That gutwrenching smell … the filthy, cluttered , clothes strewn everywhere effect… with extended family huddled in front of the TV/and a moldy guesthouse that  left you coughing  even though you took  ONE step inside before retreating … built in 2003 but from all appearances probably NEVER having seen soap or water ?

I never had to answer their question as to why one house sells and another doesn’t …   See a handfull of listings,  and it’s fairly evident .

I’m telling you, I will be shocked if that 2003 ‘specimen’ ever sells … or it the two listed by incompetant listing agents do!    The real question is “What on earth is wrong with those sellers and  listing agents?

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