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Which Miami Neighborhood is Best for You?

January 5, 2011

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

If you’re  moving to Miami, there are a number of  top neighborhoods to choose from.  And the choice will definitely be a very personal decision. 

Proximity to top private schools important to you?   Or, are you leaning toward  “A” rated public schools instead?  Either of those can  influence your decision as to neighborhood.  (Many of our local Miami schools offer international or language programs, gifted enrollment, advanced placement classes, and programs geared toward special needs.)  

The size of the backyard,  size of the house itself,  age  & style of the neighboring homes, your  lifestyle preferences, travel time to work or to the airport,  access to major highways,  proximity to the beaches … Any or all of these will make one neighborhood  stand out over another and make one neighborhood appeal over another,  to you, as a buyer. 

At the moment I have several buyers looking for just the right house…  each interested in different price brackets  and each has different priorities…  They are eyeing Coral Gables,Pinecrest, and Coconut Grove…  weighing the pros and cons of each. If a handful of  our buyers are all asking similar questions about neighborhoods,  I thought it might be worth sharing a bit about the unique aspects of a few of our  Top Miami Neighborhoods with you as well.  So, in a nutshell:

Coconut Grove has a rather bohemian feel to it … with a laid-back and artsy vibe. Living in Coconut Grove, especially in the South Grove, your backyard will be the  restaurants and shops and tree canopy that make up the heart of the Grove. There are bike paths and meandering streets and lush tropical foliage.   And you’ll have easy access to both the beaches and to Miami International Airport. There are a number of top private schools scattered throughout  the Grove.  Styles of the homes vary considerably …  a cottage adjacent to a Mediterranean villa … historic landmark properties  right up the road from a more modern construction … Architectural styles  run the gammut.  The Grove is home to many an art festival… plenty of outdoor cafes … a smattering of bookstores … Fresh Market… the marina … and plenty of charm.

Coral Gables has ranked among the top zip codes in the country for years now, offering buyers a well-established, rather ‘manicured’, pristine European-style community with Old Spanish style homes.  Coral Gables is also home to the University of Miami.  There’s a center of town (Coral Way/Miracle Mile/Le Jeune…  teaming with restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, art galleries, theatre, upscale shopping, public parks. The streets are named, and quaint.  There’s a trolley that runs (free of charge) in the Gables.  There are cultural events, art shows and galleries, shopping, dining, top  A-rated schools (both public and private), and an architectural style that stems basically from it’s Mediterranean roots and the influence of George Merrick. 

 Pinecrest ranks high on the list of those coming to South Florida who are wanting top schools,  large lots, and newer construction. Pinecrest is known for the calibre of public and private schools, and as such is quite appealing to families relocating to South Florida.  Not all that many years ago, Pinecrest consisted of open land dotted with avocado and mango orchards … There were ranch style homes (most of which sat on acre-sized lots).  As those older properties were bought up and orchards leveled,  existing homes were knocked down (or in some cases added onto).  Modest single story 3-4 bedroom structures took a backseat as the Village of Pinecrest became a neighborhood  community of  villas,  two story  homes that were 5,000 square foot and larger,  commonly having  5-7 bedrooms…   The vast majority of the homes in Pinecrest each have a swimming pool. There’s not really a ‘center’ of town in the Village of Pinecrest … not one where you’d wander and windowshop, going from restaurants to shops, but there are pockets along the main road that runs north and south … US 1 or South Dixie Highway as it’s known … with weekend farm fresh markets, restaurants, strip malls.

South Miami, which is  nestled between Coral Gables and Pinecrest … and almost adjacent to the Universityof Miami … has a charming center of town … with a University town feel … streets, shopping and dining. 

In each of the towns/ villages I’m mentioning here you’ll find nearby supermarkets,  parks,  playgrounds, golf, tennis courts (both private/public), an array of afterschool programs and activities (art, soccer,  baseball…), libraries, swimming programs, .  And with our tepid climate and easy lifestyle, Miami makes for a great place to live!  And if you like guests, you’ll likely have houseguests aching to come visit.  

If you’re considering buying, selling or renting property in South Florida and would like the help of a real estate agent who specializes in residential real estate please don’t hesitate to contact me here or on my cellular at (305) 793-1365 or 632-0164..

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