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November 4, 2011

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

I just got off the phone  – I’ve had a number of similar inquiries recently, from homeowners asking if now a good time to list (and sell)  … or  whether they should wait until after the first of the year.

That question about  ‘When to move’ is certainly a personal one.  Spending the holidays in the home you’re in now …  or starting NEW  holiday tradition elsewhere …   it’s not an easy decision. 

That said,  what I can say is that the majority of homeowners who ARE selling now tend to be serious sellers (given the current real estate environment).  And… most of properties listed for sale right now (whether they are condos or single family homes)  that are priced-well  do tend to sell  quickly.   It is a good time to be a buyer…. especially if you can recognize the good deals when they come around …  and are in a position to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.   

Now through Thanksgiving, and then again starting January 1st, are prime times for listing and selling in South Florida.  The market will likely dip between mid November and the end of the year.   That’s normal in South Florida, and normal in much of the country.    And there will be another big opportunity once spring and summer roll around, once more buyers are out, because spring and summer are prime times for families to buy and move.

The housing inventory in Miami-Dade dipped from where it was even just a few months back.  Unless we see an increase of shadow inventory that the Wall Street Journal and New York Times are reporting on and forecasting,  we will have less in the way of homes to chose from.  There are fewer homes listed for sale now in Miami.  (Homeowners who aren’t serious about selling seem to have  fallen by the wayside).    International corporations and the University of Miami are actively  recruiting and hiring.   The number of buyers moving  to South Florida is on the rise …   and if you are thinking about selling,  there are buyers, and we would love to help you sell.  

Please feel free to contact the Restivo Team at EWM Realtors at 305 793-1365 anytime you’d like more information – whether you are considering selling, buying, leasing or relocating.  Alexandra and Vicki specialize in residential real estate in the Miami area, and we will be happy  to refer you to other top real estate agents globally as well,  if you are looking to relocate elsewhere.  Vicki and Alexandra Restivo restivo@ewm.com .


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