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Ups and Downs of Home Buying and Selling … Funny Stories

July 27, 2012

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Some of the stories surrounding home buying are funny.    Other stories fit into various other categories.

On the ‘funny’ side this summer was a transaction where a buyer insisted the seller vacate early –  because on the spur of the moment he wanted to move in early –  three weeks ahead of schedule … three weeks before the closing date (with a mere two days notice)…   And buyer’s agent was in a huff  because there was no way for our seller to accommodate that request.  That was humorous.

Not particularly funny was the buyer who announced the night before closing that he would be at the closing a after that instead  … because it was more convenient.  Closing was to be tomorrow …  but the buyer was ‘busy’.  That one fell into the ‘scary’ category.   Scary for the buyer because that’s how buyers lose their escrow deposits …  I was still waiting for that buyer’s agent to ask about or submit their addendum ( extending the closing date) … so their escrow deposit wouldn’t be at risk…  The agent  got the extension over to me the night that the closing was to have taken place.

Another buyer asked that the seller remove the kitchen appliances (prior to the buyer even having a firm loan commitment)… so as to better visualize the kitchen space  –  a month before closing on the house.    The seller did.

We had an interesting  insurance hoopla over a house that had less than a year’s life remaining on the roof …  proving that all things are do-able, if you think outside the box, and just keep asking plenty of questions.

And then there was the mortgage lender that we were ready to hang out to dry forever:  The lender bailed three days before closing  …  (Nothing quite like that last minute scramble to find and lock in a new lender  …  That certainly made the adrenaline flow!).    They made it to the top of our ‘never use again’ list!

And lastly, there were a couple of transactions with varying degrees of unpermitted work and  liens to deal with.  Closing out permits can be somewhat of a challenge.

Real estate is at times a roller coaster …  Despite the wild ride, every one of these sales closed…  keys changed hands….  and everyone moved in.

There will be hiccups (fortunately they are usually minor).  If you can keep things in perspective  many of those hiccups will make you smile…. Buyers and sellers really do want the same thing … both want to close.

We are so fortunate to work with  the colleagues we do …   real estate agents, mortgage lenders, real estate attorneys and title & closing agents … who care (and work hard!)    Thank you for entrusting us with selling your homes …. and thank you too for the friends and colleagues that you continue to refer and send to us.    Alexandra and Vicki Restivo  –  EWM Realtors   305 793-1365.  restivo.v@ewm.com

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