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Ten Tips for Selling Your Home

June 20, 2012

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Ten Tips …   How To Sell Your House:

1) Make your home accessible and visible  … with address numbers that are  easy to see …

2) Leave the front gates open 

3) Place that FOR SALE sign out front

4) Clear the driveway of cars …  Trim plants that  in any way block access to the house – or visually keep buyers from seeing the house from the street or driveway.

5) Create a warm ‘curb appeal’:  Some fresh paint,  landscaping ,  mulching, a doorbell that works,  and attractive door hardware all cost relatively little, but make a huge difference.

6) Declutter.  Depersonalize…  Remove family photographs and anything that might distract from selling your house.  You want  buyers to imagine themselves owning the house  (rather than wondering where you dock your boat, what your alma mater is,  or what after-school activities your kids are involved in).

7) Professional clean the house  … and the windows too.

8) Incorporate subtle  ‘aromas’ … (The vast majority of buyers react favorably to specific scents: freshly baked cookies… cinnamon … fabric softener … and to light candle scents/and or plug-ins).   Stear clear  though of  incense  and clorox since many buyers tend to react negatively to both of those.  And if you can avoid cooking pungent foods (broccoli … cabbage … cauliflower … meat)  and/or using strong spices anytime just prior to showing appointments, do stear clear of those.

9) Expect buyers to open your closets and pantry …  They will.  Organized storage areas have a  positive impact on buyers.  Remove or pack up whatever non essentials  you have  –  before listing your house for sale.  You’re going to be packing anyway, to move … so just give it a jumpstart.

10) Avoid being present anytime the house is being shown … Have your real estate professional  show the house .  Buyers tend to feel somewhat like guests whenever the owner is present.   And you don’t want them to feel like guests.  With the owners gone, they can begin to imagine themselves living there.  And that’s key, because that’s when they’ll buy.

If you’re looking to sell or know someone who is, please call us.  Alexandra and I would welcome the opportunity to chat with you.  Contact us at 305 793-1365 (cellular)  or by email …  restivo.v@ewm.com .  There’s a shortage of homes right now in South Florida  … and plenty of buyers!

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