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What is a SHORT SALE ?

Your short sale questions – answered: 1) What a Short Sale is.  2) What a Short Sale isn’t.  3)  Approved Short Sales  4)  Unapproved Short Sales  If hardship can be demonstrated, and IF THE LENDER WILL AGREE TO TAKE LESS THAN WHAT’S OWED ON THE LOAN...

Foreclosure Over-Simplified

Foreclosure?   … Time Frame for Foreclosure? A foreclosure is when the lender (lien holder)  assumes ownership rights when a property owner defaults on his/her mortgage payments…It’s the process through which the lender repossesses real estate...

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Here’s a question we were just asked:  “A deed in lieu of foreclosure means what?”   It means that “The homeowner agrees to relinquish the property voluntarily to the lender by transferring the deed to the property… and in exchange, the...

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