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May 5, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Spring has arrived…now it’s time for the famous Spring Cleaning! Here are some preventative maintenance tips from HGTV to help you get going. Keeping your home in shape will save you the cost of emergency repairs later.


Divert Water: Check your gutters for build up of leaves, especially if trees hang over your roof. Trapped moisture can lead to moss and mildew and could cause damage to your roof and walls. While you’re checking the gutters, make sure the downspout points 2 to 2.5 feet away from walls.spring clean outside

Check the Roof: Make sure you’re diligent about roof maintenance. Inspect your ceiling for wet spots after the next rainy day. Ask a licensed pro to check out the roof for wear and tear. If shingles are buckling or curling, then it might be time to replace the roof.

Check Your Paint Job: Look for chips or cracks in the paint on the outside of your home. Scrape off falling paint and then sand it down so there’s no rough edges. Power wash the house to brighten it up.

Cut Trees and Shrubs: Overgrown hedges and trees should be trimmed. Leaving them to grow uncontrollably could cause the growth of mildew. Make sure branches are at least 7 feet away from the exterior of the house, helping maintain your roof and siding. Clean up out of control vines because they can crack siding and let moisture and pests into your home.

Love the Lawn: Rake up leaves, pull weeds or dead flowers. Replace the flowers with low-maintenance flowers like begonias or pansies.



Fresh Air:Give your A/C unit a little attention. An efficient A/C unit removes moisture from the air in your home, which could cause damage to the foundation if there’s too much. Make sure you change filters monthly. To save money on your energy bill, get rid of dust and dirt (it will save you money on your energy bill). Check the connections for leaks. Makre sure the drain pans are draining properly. If you feel there might be a problem, call a licensed A/C technician.

Windows and Doors: Check all spring cleanwindows and doors for leaks or drafts, especially near corners. Peeling and chipping paint can indicate water intrusion, so look out for that. Seal open areas between the wall and the frame to keep water out. Neglecting these things could lead to hazards like mold growth.

Pest Control: Keep garbage and debris under control on the outside of the home. On the inside, check for gaps and openings where mice and insects could get in. Seal cracks. Use a liner if you’re mulching your lawn.

Plumbing: Check for sweaty pipes, leaky faucets, faulty water drainage systems and clogged drains. Check the washing machine hoses for cracks, dampness or bulges. Look under the kitchen sink for leaks and check the outside of the dishwasher for wetness. Also make sure to check the water heater for corrosion or leaks.

Tiles: Check your tiles for missing grout between the tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. A small crack now can lead to an expensive repair later on. Re-seal soon if need be. Get in the habit of wiping down shower walls and the tub after each use. It will help eliminate scum and soap build up.

Doing these small repairs now will not only make your home feel clean and safe, but it could also help prevent expensive repairs down the road. So go ahead and enjoy your Spring Cleaning.

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