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How To Find Short-Term Rentals or Vacation Property in Miami Florida

October 26, 2011

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Many of the home buyers we work with who are moving to Miami ask whether there are any short term rental options out there…. and if so, how to find them.  Short term rentals can be a good way to settle in to a new city … get a feel for the neighborhood.  They can serve as a stop-gap if you’ve chosen a home to buy, but have a somewhat delayed closing date…

We handle single family home and condo purchases/ as well as  annual leases…   but we really don’t handle short term rentals ourselves. 

That said, we can and do provide our  buyers with  (and wanted to do the same for those of our blog readers who might be interested as well)  access to a handful of options for short term rentals and vacation property resources in South Florida.

In Coconut Grove the Sonesta Hotel  is centrally located, and offers  both daily and weekly rental accommodations, as does the  Mutiny Hotel right around the corner from the Sonesta on the Bayfront,  with short term rentals and vacation stays.

In Coral Gables there are short term rentals available , furnished and/or unfurnished.  There’s actually a local developer  who realized there was a market for  short term rentals for apartments and single family homes, and that developer now lists a number of short term rental offerings on that website. 

Two other possibilities that you might possibly want to look into ( in Miami as well as elsewhere)  would be  rent.com  (although this one isn’t really just for short term rentals)   and/or  vacationrentals.com.

As for annual lease options, or whenever you are ready to consider buying or selling property in Miami  you can search for property through our real estate website and blogMiamiRealEstateCafe.com …  or contact EWM Realtors, Alexandra and Vicki Restivo,  directly  at 305 793-1365 or by email:  restivo.v@ewm.com.

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