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Aventura is located approximately three and a half miles from North Miami Beach. The name comes from the Spanish word for “adventure.” It’s a mostly residential suburb and is home to many tall condominium and high rises. Until the late seventies, this area (formerly known as Biscayne Gardens) was almost all swampland.

Development began in the late seventies and early eighties as a residential high-rise area. The Oxford Development Company built many of the first condos that now make up Aventura-the same company built Aventura Mall, the largest mall in Florida. The 2.3 million square footmall opened in 1983 and is responsible for a lot of the rapid growth in the area. The mall contains a large AMC theater, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Equinox gym among others. On November 7, 1995, Aventura was incorporated as an independent city.

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Aventura has a city run public bus service, known as the Aventura Express shuttle, and it is free to Aventura residents. No interstates run through the city, but I-95 is only minutes away, and the city lies between two main airports, Miami International Airport(30 minutes away) and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International(15 minutes away). There is an online magazine dedicated to the South Florida social scene-AventuraUSA.

There is one public school located within Aventura-The Aventura City of Excellence School-a K-8 Charter School built in 2003. It was ranked in the top 10 of all schools in Florida in 2006 and gives children who live in the Aventura area preference in their lottery. There are only 100 chilren allowed per grade, to avoid overcrowding.

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