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Rants and Raves Again – Shoddy Work Ethic in Miami: THAT’S WHY WE DO HOME INSPECTIONS!

May 4, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Shoddy workmanship!   Think you won’t  get caught?  To replace the AC ducts on a 4 bedroom house, you ask the homeowner for $6,000.00. You then replace only the readily accessible portion … leaving the rusted, deteriorated ducts in the entire east wing of the home just as they are?  Perhaps you are hoping  that no one would notice?   With the crawl space being small, and the work being time-consuming, perhaps you wanted to cut corners?


Our  little black book  (of referred/preferred suppliers and business providers)  now comes in TWO versions … and you are in the new version for home-buyers and home-sellers… of who NOT to use! home_20080529_contractor_banner

That’s what Realtors do …  We provide our buyers and sellers with  resources …competent and reliable workers/providers, etc… and now, those to avoid.

Guess what? Our  BLACK LIST of shoddy, unethical, incompetent and deceitful providers, that you are now at the top of … will hopefully diminish your pool of unsuspecting homeowners, who shouldn’t trust you!  Here’s  to  you  … going  out of business  … soon!

Our home-buyers  knew that the AC ducts were being replaced.  The sellers (YOUR CLIENTS!) believed in and relied on you.  As I drove by, I could see all the old ducts out on the driveway.  I had no reason to doubt your word  … doubt your contractual agreement (for which you pulled a permit from the Village of Pinecrest!)

Did you know that the sellers had a previous deal fall apart?  Did you know they’d already bought another home, and were under contract to sell their  home again, to a new set of buyers?  Mine.  Did you know the  sellers  were  repairing the deficiencies outlined in the inspection report from the previous offer…  and were anxious to sell and move?    What about the outrageous sum they paid  you  -$6,000 –  to have their AC duct system replaced..

The home inspection my buyers did a couple of weeks back revealed that  1/2 the AC ducts  ( those readily visible)  had been replaced.  Good job!   What about the other 1/2 you were supposed to replace?  Apparently your licensed AC company was hoping the Village of Pinecrest wouldn’t do a thorough  final inspection?   Apparently your AC company didn’t know that my buyers would order independent inspections of the house as a whole? The Village of  Pinecrest would have caught your fraud, on final inspections, I’m sure. But they didn’t have to.  

Allied Inspections  (Allied Building Inspection Services – Joe Penza)  checked out the house two weeks ago on a  Monday … Pinecrest wasn’t set to do their final inspections until Tuesday… Allied was quick to point  out your ‘work’.   Scandalous!

You, a licensed contractor,  take $6,000 from and unsuspecting homeowner, promising to replace the duct work… and  and do half ?  You may not have known that the home buyers would hire an independent inspection company … but you did pull a permit for the AC work, so you must  have known the Village of Pinecrest would order a final !  What happened to your work ethic?   That’s thievery … twice over… robbing both the homeowner and the new buyer.    

You are now officially at the top of my list …  shoddy workers… poor work ethic.  Have I ever used your services?  No … nor will I.  You have earned your spot …  very close to the top of my list …  my little black book of providers NOT to use.

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