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OVERWHELMED BY MOVING? … 12 Steps To Make It Easier

November 2, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M


Moving can be overwhelming … I know, after having moved numerous times  across country and internationally myself.  Looking from the perspective of a Realtor AND  home-owner, I know how daunting and stressful moving can be.    It can be tough… but there are ways to make it easier:

1) Being organized and having a plan helps.  Getting started early helps too.  Hopefully you have a month of  two before your move,  so start preparing as early as possible.  Try and stay positive …  Focus on the positive anticipation of the move and being in your new surroundings, the adventures to come…  it’s easier.

2) If you can, get a floor plan of your new house, so you can decide which furniture to take, and where it will go.

3) Get phone numbers for the utility companies. Make arrangements to disconnect electricity, water, cable, internet, telephone, security system/alarm in the house you’re moving from (the day following your move!) … and have those services connected in your new home  the morning you’re to close on that new house . If you are moving to South Florida, you’ll want to contact whichever municipality is handling trash/garbage/recycling collection, to make sure you have/ or order the proper bins. (It can take up to a couple of weeks for delivery of the bins.)

4) Have your medical records/dental records/and the children’s school records transferred.  Have prescriptions transferred.

5) Arrange for whatever travel plans you’ll need (airlines, hotels, accommodations for pets, automobile transport). 

6) Decide on a moving company, and make the necessary arrangements for delivery.  Allow yourself a day between closing and actual delivery, so as to have a window of time to clean/touch up paint before your belongings arrive. Request whatever additional packing materials you’re going to need, from the movers, so you can begin packing  any boxes you plan to pre-pack, yourself. LABEL EVERY SINGLE BOX WITH A DETAILED LIST OF IT’S CONTENTS AND ALSO WHICH ROOM IT IS GOING IN TO.  Mark the clearly on at least two sides… to indicate kitchen, library, toys, garage, laundry room, bedding, towells.  And…  Make sure to provide your movers with your correct address,  a map,  detailed driving instructions, and your cellular phone number that you can be reached on.  

7) Find out about insurance coverage and costs.  Contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier, and inquire with your moving company, to make sure you have proper coverage.

8) Sort through your records and documents.  File important documents in such a way to make them accessible and findable, close at hand…. and clearly labeled. Some of them you’ll want to ship.  Some you’ll want to carry with you.

9) Pack what you’ll need for the trip, and for the first  couple of days … clothes, toiletries, pillows, games, books, ipods, cellular phones, chargers.

10) Advise friends, family as to your new address.  Cancel deliveries of newpapers, bottled water, magazines. Arrange to have your mail re-routed to your new addess. (The US Postal Service has forms for this).  Provide change of address information to your credit card companies and banks.  The IRS and specific licenses require you to notify them of any address change as well.

11) Make sure everyone has your new address.  Allow children every opportunity to adequately say  their goodbyes to any friends and family they’ll be leaving behind…. and make sure they have a list of everyone they’ll want to stay in touch in with… names, phone numbers, addresses and emails.

12) Leave your forwarding address for the new owners, so any mail that is inadvertently delivered can be sent on to you. Leave the house clean … and leave a bottle of wine and a note for the new owners.  Make sure you haven’t left anything behind.  Lock up … and get ready to move on…  Enjoy all that is to come!  Moving is less daunting when you have a plan, stay focused, and stay positive. 

Thinking about moving?  We will be pleased to help…. whether you are buying or selling (or both).  The Restivo Team. You are more than welcome to contact us by cellular at 305-793-1365 or 305-632-1364 or here, any time.  We look forward to making your next move a good one.

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