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The questions buyers and sellers have are typically the same … So are the answers.

April 30, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

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Typically the questions that buyers and sellers have are “pretty much” the same … and so are the answers.  While each municipality has it’s own guidelines,  questions  and answers about zoning, easements, set-backs are  fairly straightforward: 

What is Zoning?  Zoning is the government ‘entity’ that controls the use and land development for the health, welfare and safety of the community.

What are Setbacks?  A setback is the required minimal distance between the front, sides, and rear of the lot to the building structure itself (measured horizontally).

What structures must comply with setback requirements?  Basically any and all.  Sheds included!

What is Lot Coverage? Lot coverage is the percentage of the site that the building occupies.  Building area under roof  at ground level/total lot area = lot coverage percentage.

Can I operate a business out of my home?   A home office is permitted as an ancillary use to a residential use property, subject to limitations.

Can I park a boat/recreational vehicle  in front of my house?  You can usually park a boat (but not a recreational vehicle) temporarily (for two hours) as long as it’s not in the public right of way.  Depending upon the zoning  regulations specific to your property and municipality, you may be able to store either or both on your lot, as long as you follow the guidelines.

What is an Easement?  An  easement grants access to private property for utility installation and maintenance.  No structure, fence or tree may be placed in an easement without written consent of each utility that has the right to access that easement.  Your survey will indicated if/ and where there are easements on your property.

More questions?  Your local city or county government website … or the people who work there… are a good resource. 

The information above was taken from Miami-Dade.  I was researching specific set-back guidelines for a EU-M property listing in Pinecrest and another one in Palmetto Bay.   Zoning regulations  do vary somewhat from one municipality to another,  and while the bottom line is that it’s pretty standard stuff  across the board, do check before you decide to build something.  MiamiRealEstateCafe.com

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