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Investment Visa for Foreign Buyers: GREEN CARD for Internationl Investors

August 13, 2009

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Interested in an INVESTMENT TOOL  that would give you a United States GREEN CARD?                           

While less widely-known, and certainly more complex than the straightforward house and condo purchase  (through an LLC  set up by a real estate attorney… or  a purchase made directly in the buyer’s name)         THE INVESTMENT VISA  is an option for some… offering the investor  a GREEN card! klsgfx_BigPlane

In working with international investors purchasing investment property and vacation homes in Florida  (and more specifically in and around Miami)   I thought it might be helpful to share some information on the subject:

A program devised to attract foreign capital into the United States…  and commonly referred to as the  ” INVESTMENT VISA” or the “EB-5“…   is an investment tool devised to create  jobs and offer employment  opportunities for  American workers.  The INVESTMENT VISA  program has been in place for well over a decade, and has specific requirements.  It offers certain benefits to the investor… one of which is a GREEN CARD

An immigration attorney would be able to provide you with specific requirements (which are precise and quite stringent)  along with  lists outlining  the  ‘regional center projects’  in which an investment would qualify the foreign buyer for the GREEN CARD The “INVESTMENT VISA”  (more officially known as an “EB-5”)  requires an investment of anywhere between $500,000.00 to $1,000,000.00  into a United States ‘regional center project’.  Depending upon the area within the United States, these projects range from ski resorts  to urban infrastructure development…. etc.  Funds  for the investment must be lawfully obtained and must be fully documented.

Because of the specific legal nature of the investment,  the expertise of an immigration attorney and/or real estate attorney would be needed.  In the May issue of Realtor Magazine’s  www.Realtor.org/realtormag  H.Ronald Klasko  (Klasko,Rulon,Stock & Seltzer LLP)  goes into more detail, offering a link to information on the investment visa through www.eb5immigration.com.   

If you’d  like to buy real estate in South Florida, whether through the investment visa program, or as a vacation home or investment property, Alexandra and Vicki Restivo will be happy to provide you  with additional contact information for immigration and real estate attorneys in the Miami area.

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