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Hurricane Season Has Arrived-Everything You Need To Know About A Storm: Before, During and After

June 2, 2009

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Hurricane season is upon us and the County has ways for us to stay prepared. They have released a guide that helps make sure you and your family, your home and pets are already for storm season.

hurricane-evacuation-signThe season runs from June 1 to November 30 and though the past few years have been relatively inactive for us in Florida, we still need to be prepared for potential storm activity.

Miami Dade County has come up with plans for Before, During and After storms. Here are some key points:

Gearing Up Before Hurricane Season: Make sure your shutters are working properly. Check if you need flood or windstorm coverage and take pictures of your home. Prune trees and dispose of the tree-cuttings. Stock at least a 2-week supply of food, water (figure one gallon per person, per day) and medication for you, your family and your pets. Make sure you have fresh batteries, flashlights and battery powered radios. If you  live in an evacuation zone, know where you will be staying if the order to evacuate is given. If you need to use a shelter, try to register in advance of hurricane season, but use shelters as a last resort. Many shelters will not allow pets unless they are authorized service animals. Your pets should be prepared as well. Have a leash and carrier/cage ready as well as a two week supply of their medicines and food in waterproof containers. Also have a laminated copy of your pets vaccinations and keep current photos of them in case of separation.

hurricane-approaching-flBefore The Storm: Knowing the difference between Watches and Warnings is essential. A hurricane watch is issued when hurricane conditions are possible within the next 36 hours. A hurricane Warning is issued when hurricane conditions are expected within the next 24 hours. In order to prepare right before a storm, you must secure your home inside and out (windows,doors, boats and patio areas) Make sure to charge all cell phones and withdraw cash from the bank. Get gas for your car, generator and any gas powered tools. Use surge protectors to protect electronics. If you’re a boat owner, use double lines at a  marina or think about dry-dock storage. Make sure you do not begin tree pruning or household cleanup, as it may become a projectile during a storm.

During The Storm: Stay indoors until the storm has passed. Watch local news or listen on the radio for weather updates. Turn off circuit breakers, but leave one on so you know when power is back on. Use flashlights or battery operated lantern, not candles. If you  live in a tall building, go to a lower floor.

After The Storm: Listen to the media for information on when waste collection will resume. Place large piles of debris on the right-of-way of your property, away from power lines and fences. If your garbage or recycling bin is lost or damaged during the storm, you need to ask for a replacement. Most importantly be careful of downed power lines and debris.

Check back for more updates and keep informed.

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