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Everyone Knows a Realtor! But… Should You Hire Him or Her?

April 14, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Everyone in Miami  knows a Realtor,  is a Realtor, or has a friend or family member who is!   Okay.. so, when it comes time to selling your house,  should you (or shouldn’t you) hire that person?  

You’re going to pay the same amount in commission for a part-time Realtor as you will for a full-time, highly competent one.  In Miami,  the seller pays the commission,  the  buyer  doesn’t.   The listing agent and the selling agents split the commission. telephone in hand 

Choosing the RIGHT Realtor may well  mean the difference between selling your house OR not  selling it (not to mention favorable contract terms,  smooth negotiations,  avoidance of hiccups and glitches along the way, and ultimately whether you’ll  arrive at  the closing table… and what  you will (or won’t) walk away with.  

In  selling your most valuable asset,  there are subtle benefits to hiring a professional real estate consultant.   Enlisting the expertise of a Realtor who understands the complexity of contract negotiation can  get you a far better  price. 

Hire the person who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, especially if it’s not what you want to hear.  Wasting time pricing your house higher than the market dictates is counterproductive.  

Unfortunately, there are many, many agents who are afraid the homeowner won’t list the property with them,  if  they don’t spit out a sky high price.  Realtors like that tend to overprice the house and wait for the market to SPEAK. 

You may not like hearing the hard cold facts about market value of your house, but,  I can  guarantee that  you’ll be in abject misery,  having buyers traipse through your house, week after week, month after month… with no offers in hand. 

Hire an agent who will be straight with you… and who will price your house to sell it for you under the best possible terms in the current market…  and who WILL sell it and get you the best possible price… by doing their job.  Hiring the RIGHT  real estate agent can make or break a deal … and will likely very strongly impact your bottom line as well

The realtor you choose should be the best one you can find …  Forget cutting corners. You want the person who will price your property according to it’s saleable value in this market…  will bring  qualified buyers … negotiate  terms and  contract specifications to your best interest…  navigate inspections, appraisals, financing  contingencies, and get everyone smoothly through to closing Your Realtors’  job is to make yours easy.  If you have questions or need information –   Send me a note here.  I’m happy to answer them.

And, if you’re looking  to buy or sell real estate anywhere in the world, and are looking for an experienced Realtor,  I’ll be happy to assist you and refer you to one.  The Restivo Team  – 305 – 793-1365.    EWM Realtors International can refer you to qualified agents worldwide.  Let us know... whatever you need.  We are based in Miami, Florida  and can assist you in South Florida directly, or through referral, globally.  MiamiRealEstateCafe.com

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