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Home Repair: Do-It-Yourself Trouble-Shooting / Dryer

February 19, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M


If your clothes dryer takes inordinately long to dry,  here are a couple of  quick “fixes”.  And if it makes odd noises, here are a couple of solutions … 

TEMPERATURE SETTING:  The setting may have been moved to  “air dry” or “low”.   In our house, depending on WHO used the dryer last, the temperature setting is often the culprit.

LINT BUILD UP:   Remove the  lint screen (either on the interior of  the door  or on top of the machine) and manually extract the lint.  The manufacturer suggests you empty them after each load.  If the machine doesn’t dry faster, after you remove the lint,  try vacuuming out the actual opening to the machine, where the lint tray inserts.  Unplug the machine and vacuum out the vent hose at the back of the dryer.   Take a look at the vent  (on the outside of the house) too.   If it gets clogged with leaves or nests… that will cause the dryer to not dry well.   (Sometime plants can grow  into the external vent.)  Excess lint can cause fires, as well as causing the machine to dry improperly. 

DOES THE DRYER MAKE ODD NOISES?  A rumble or a high pitched screech, and  you’ll probably need service. A buzzing sound and you’ll probably need a new unit. A rumble could be the drum rollers ( the elements that allow the dryer to tumble).  A  high pitched screech might be the idler pulley …  (which keeps the tension on the drum belt).  Either  one will require a technician/service repair.  If it’s a buzzing sound when you press the start button,  something may be jammed in the motor (a pen .. or a coin).  Try to rotate the drum manually.  If it won’t budge,  something  is probally jamming it.  And if it does turn manually, there is a motor issue … and you’ll probably need a new dryer.  

 Buying or selling a house?   It doesn’t matter which side of the equation you’re on, you want your appliances to work.  I’m not an appliance repair person by any stretch… but I can  pull through in a pinch with quick fix hints.  Selling real estate requires wearing many hats!  If you’re considering buying or selling property in Miami I’d love to help.  My real job is getting you the best possible terms, when you buy… or when you sell your house.  Please call me at 305 793 1365 or send me a note here.

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