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September 23, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M


We are looking for home-owners  who would soon like to sell…  and … would be willing to have it documented on HGTV.   If  you are willing to share your story … your journey …and would like to sell your home  through us … we would like to talk with you  about listing and selling your house … and applying to have the entire process showcased on TV.

Film Crew


HGTV will be filming in Miami for an upcoming  prime-time show, and the producers of HGTV asked  Miami Realtors, Alexandra and Vicki Restivo of EWM Realtors to work with them  on it.   

IF YOU ARE  considering selling your home…. and would  like to list  your house for sale soon…  and possibly have it documented and featured on HGTV …  listed and sold by The Restivo Team with Esslinger, Wooten, Maxwell Realtors…   we would like to talk with you  about applying!   We invite you to call 305-793-1365 or  305 632-0164  … or send us a note here.   You can download the link for the application here.

Filming will document one home sale in Miami…  following an individual/family through the process of selling (listing, pricing, staging, showing the house, selling…).  Homes can be of any price range, style or type. 

We are looking for sellers who are outgoing and energetic  (after all, this is for television)…  and happy to share their story (and the nitty gritty details of it) with the world.  Cameras will capture much of the trials and tribulations… and the rollercoaster ride of selling a house…  the ups and downs of prepping the house for sale, pricing, negotiating, and ultimately selling.

HGTV  is looking to showcase the uniqueness of Miami…  highlighting the culture and vibe that makes  Miami what it is.   If there’s something about you or your house that makes it stand out as multi-cultural or representative of the diversity that is Miami, we invite you to contact The Restivo Team (EWM Realtors)  here, or on either of these two cellular numbers:  305  793-1365   or 305  632-0164.  

We are looking for Unique People:  Someone who represents Miami in it’s diversity: South Beach Chef …. Salsa Dancer … International Investor… Lifeguard … Artist… Yacht Designer … Student… Gallery Owner …  Restauranteur…  Night Club Owner … Import/Export … Research Scientist …  Botanical Gardener … Tour Guide… Professional Fighter… Model… Entertainer …  Comedian … Author/Writer …  Actor… Athlete… Boat Racer

We are looking for a  Home, Condo, Cottage of any kind:  Coral Rock House… Resort Destination … Miami Highrise Condo … Waterfront Property … Cottage with Grounds & Tropical Gardens… Custom Built Home …  Unusual Architecture or Design …  Obscure location… Views that whisper ‘Miami’… Any features or characteristics that are unusual, whimsical, artistic,  fun, funky or different…

HGTV provides huge publicity and will be taping throughout the winter of 2010.   Guidelines:   Property should be within an hour travelling distance of Miami…. by car.   No short sales or foreclosure properties.  A location release form, allowing HGTV permission to tape inside your home…. seller’s disclosures … lisitng docs … and your willingness to talk about financial aspects of the transaction are requisites. 

If you are soon planning on selling your place in Miami, and think this would be fun, please click here for the home sellerapplication/questionnaire.  Along with your completed application, please email recent photos of your home (exterior, kitchen, master bedroom, living room) and a few recent photos of yourself  (and  family members/pets  if applicable) to us.   The completed application  can be scanned to restivo.v@ewm.com  or faxed to 305 378-9239  (attention Alexandra and Vicki Restivo – EWM Realtors, Inc.).  Photographs will become the property of  The Restivo Team/EWM/ and HGTV and will not be returned. 

A modest  thank you check for the featured seller will be awarded by HGTV, along with a DVD of your episode… and hopefully the Restivo’s  SOLD sign out front!   We  look forward to selling your house on HGTV …  The Restivo Team.

Because of the large number of applications,  we will be unable to respond to inquiries about individual applications.  We will contact you should we decide to pursue your home-buying / home-selling story further.   All applications will be screened and there are no guarantees or implications that  by applying, yours will be the property selected.  This is not intended as a solicitation of properties currently listed for sale by another Broker/Realtor, nor as a solicition of home-sellers who already working with another Broker/Realtor. 


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