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HGTV Accepting Home-Seller Applications for Upcoming Shoot in Miami

September 22, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M


HGTV Preliminary Screening Application:   Miami Home-Seller (Miami Shoot – WINTER 2010)

HGTV is looking for  fun, energetic home-owners who are soon wanting to sell their Miami home/condo/townhouse.  If you missed the blog on HGTV’S  HOME-SELLER CASTING for MIAMI, you can link to The Restivo Team’s post on MiamiRealEstateCafe.com  here.  Producers at  HGTV asked Miami real estate experts, Alexandra and Vicki Restivo at EWM Realtors to work with them on this episode.

Applicant seller-questionnaire responses can be submitted directly by email to  restivo.v@ewm.com  or faxed to 305 378-9239  Attn: Vicki & Alexandra Restivo/EWM Realtors.



1. Contact Person (Names of Each Home Seller)

2.  Email Addresses
3. Property Address  (Street Address-City-County-State – Zip):
4. Phone numbers (Home/Cellular and Work) … Fax number
5. Occupation 
6. Is this your first sale?  Have you sold property before?  (Townhouse, condo, single-family, etc.)

7. If you could summarize your story in just a few lines, what would it be?

8. In what area (neighborhood/district) of Miami, FL  (or vicinity) is your home located? 

9. Is your home part of a homeowners’ or condo association? If so, please list an HOA contact name and phone number.

10. Describe any features or unique aspects of your home that you feel will maximize it’s chance of selling quicker than other houses in your neighborhood. 
 11. What is your deadline to sell  by?  How firm is your deadline? Are you already under contract on your next place? 

12. Is there something pushing this deadline, that makes missing it unacceptable?

13. Have you listed this home before?  If so, when?  If it’s currently on the market, how long has it been on the market and how much is it listed for? Have you had any offers?  Why do you think has it not sold?

14. Who else does this sale involve?  Tell us about any kids (and/or pets) that might be affected.  Children (ages/or what grade  are they in school) ?

15. If you are selling as the sole owner, you may be asked to have a trusted friend join you for some of the process. This person would serve as your sounding board.  Who would you choose as a sounding board and why?

16. Why are you choosing to sell now?

17. Describe your house, including its vital statistics (i.e. # of bedrooms/bathrooms, # of levels, sq. footage, style, layout, features, neighborhood, etc.)  

18. Do you have an idea of the next home you would like to purchase?  What’s it like and where would you like to live next?

19. In this show,  sellers will typically be asked to disclose specific, rather personal financial details,  including the asking price of the home, costs of preparing the home for resale, amount of equity available, the actual purchase price, the amount of net profit or loss made on the house, realtor’s fees and the purchase price of your next place.  Are you comfortable sharing this information with the world?

20. When did you buy  and how much did you pay for it?

21. How much do you still owe on any mortgages on the property?

22. How much do you hope to sell it for and why?

23. How much profit do you want/need to make on this sale to make it seem like it was worth it to you?

24. Are you currently (or were you previously) working with  a seller’s agent?  If so… please include their contact info (name, number, email).

25. Why did you pick your agent?  If you’ve changed agents, why did you opt to do that?

26.  What kind of financial hurdles do you expect, or are going through?

27. If you are selling with a spouse or partner:  Which decisions will be easy to agree on?  What will be tough to agree on?  (Examples:  asking price, absolute bottom line, amount of prep for sale, how soon to drop price, etc.)

28. What is most exciting for you in this process?

29. What is your biggest fear about selling ?

30. Why do you think you’ll have a high tolerance for having a camera crew follow you around during the potentially stressful period of selling ?

31. What shows have you seen on HGTV?

32. How did you hear about/ find out about this opportunity ?

33. Is there anything else you’d like for us to know?

34. Did you purchase your house through the Restivo Team /or currently have it listed for sale with them? 

 **Please send several recent photos of yourself and of your home along with your application.  Application and photos should be emailed to restivo.v@ewm.com  or faxed to 305  378-9239 (attention Restivo Team).
** HGTV is offering the home sellers a cash gift following the completion of taping … along with a DVD copy of the show, following the premiere of the episode.

Because of the large number of applications,  we will be unable to respond to inquiries about individual applications.  We will contact you should we decide to pursue your home-buying / home-selling story further.   All applications will be screened and there are no guarantees or implications that  by applying, your property will be the property selected.  This is not intended as a solicitation of properties currently listed for sale by another Realtor/ Broker, nor as a solicition of home-sellers who already working with another Realtor/Broker.

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