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Getting Your House Ready to Sell? How To Decide What Needs Doing

January 18, 2011

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

First of all,  DO NOT DECLUTTER!   Why am I telling you,  “Don’t  declutter”?   I might use some of what you’re boxing, to stage the property.

Have 2 people walk through and jot down what needs doing.    Your Realtor can be one of those 2 people.   (Helping you figure out what needs doing is part of we do when we list your house.  It’s free … and the insight you’ll get can prove to be invaluable.)  

As far as you TO-DO LIST is concernted, you might be surprised at what others see as needing fixing.   Often, it’s the little, inexpensive things that catch the eye of a ‘stranger’ (ie.  “buyer”)…    You don’t want to miss those, because they are often the deal-breakers.   Start with the inexpensive fixes first.  You don’t necessarily want or need to spend big bucks on things buyers won’t care about. 

Whichever real estate agent you think you are going to hire to sell your house, have that person come.  It ought to  be one you trust  will give you the blunt truth.  Skip having multiple Realtors come by before you list and avoid using any agent who’s going to  tell you what you want to hear …  and make the market  smack you in the face because they are afraid not to get the listing.

There are without a doubt many Top Realtors in Miami, all of whom are competent and dedicated.   I hope when the time comes for you to sellthat you will call  The Restivo Team – Vicki 305- 793-1365  …   Alexandra  305-632-0164.  Please feel free to contact us here or on our cellular numbers.

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