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Do You Cringe When Neighbors Come By YOUR OPEN HOUSE?

October 4, 2011

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M


Neighbors can be one of your best selling tools….  or… they can hinder a sale.    SO… What do you do if they stop by your OPEN HOUSE?

If they are lamenting about that barking dog next door or the loud electric guitar from who-knows-where, or want to recount the un-neighborly antics of  that horrific neighbor up the street,  you definitely don’t want them mingling with prospective buyers…

But…  MOST   ‘curious’  neighbors who come by your open house do so just to take a peak …   and… they might just know a buyer.

I’m delighted when the neighbors come by my open houses.   I learn things from them about the neighborhood…  and besides, as a Realtor, I’ve come across many-a-neighbor who just happens to have (or eventually does have)  a friend or relative or someone else relocating…   looking to live nearby…. and that means a potential buyer for your house.  So don’t cringe when they poke their head in at your OPEN HOUSE.   

It’s no secret  that your neighbors can affect the sale of your property.  

Your neighbor’s  “curb appeal”  can either make your house more appealing or be a  detriment to the sale of YOUR property.    News flash: Your neighbors have (or ought to have!) a vested interest in attracting good ‘eventual’ neighbors… You’re moving … They aren’t.

Anytime a homeowner “poo-poos” the nosy neighbor coming by an open house (“because so-and-so is just  snooping …   just curious”) …   I have say  “I think, 99% of the time, they are wrong.”   Fact is – your  neighbors know do  people wanting to relocate to the area (friends …  family… and co-workers). … Word of mouth SELLS  … and the more people who know your house is for sale (and can talk about it)  the more potential buyers you’ll have … 

Occasionally, as real estate agents,  we come across homeowners who prefers not to have their property advertised.  They may not want a sign out front…. or may not want an open house.    There sometimes are valid reasons for that.  But, usually advertising and spreading the word…  and that FOR SALE sign out front …  that let the whole world know that your house is for sale …. (and welcoming those who are  ‘just looking’!)   up your chances of selling … and selling well. 

Your neighbors may not feel comfortable asking you about the details of your move (…price!) but they will call and ask your Realtor, whose sign is out front.

Are you considering buying or selling property in Miami (or elsewhere), and looking for an uber-local Miami real estate agent?   We invite you to contact us at restivo.v@ewm.com  or call Vicki or Alexandra  at the Restivo Team anytime  305 793-1365  or 305 632-0164.  We would love to help!

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