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Does Real Estate Have You RUNNING SCARED?

May 3, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M


Not sure whether to HOLD ON … or RUN?   The real estate market has many of us wondering which direction to go.  If you’re wondering whether to hold on, or bail,  I may be able to shed some light.  Ask me your questions.  I’ll answer … and give you my expert opinion.

I take what I do very seriously. I will tell you what your house is likely to sell for though and will likely appraise for (in this market) and where the real estate market is headed.  Yes… I can make light of the real estate market with a blog …  illustrating a point with a photo that may make you smile… But deciding whether to buy … sell… hold out  a while longer… or bail… THOSE ARE SERIOUS QUESTIONS THAT REQUIRE SERIOUS THOUGHT

Knowing the value of your property…  getting a feel for the real estate ups and downs… and having answers to your questions … can help you  decide whether to hang tight for a few years… or sell. 

And if you are a home buyer, getting answers may influence your decision whether to buy now … or wait.  As always, if you’re looking for an experienced Realtor, call or send me a note.  Vicki Restivo – EWM Realtors International  305 793-1365.  I’ll answer your questions.

Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared?

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