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Create A Kitchen Island For Your Miami Home

February 1, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Some kitchens need more space and adding an island is one way to solve that problem. HGTV gives us these tips on how to build your own island. Follow these steps to making one.

kitchen-islands-101.Measure the space where the island goes.

2. Before you start, get an estimate of the width and depth for your island. You can use the size of the tiles, but be sure to factor in the space for the grout lines, to fine tune the measurements and draw a diagram of what the island will look like.

3. Use a tape ,measure to measure the birch plywood. Score the birch plywood using the T-square, which will keep it from flaring when you cut it.

4. Cut the plywood pieces with a circular straw.

5. With a table saw, cut a 45 degree mitered angle  for the side panel of the island. Be sure to cut from the underside to get a straight line with no flared edges. Repeat for the other side panel.

6. Glue and nail side pieces to top and bottom pieces and then sand any rough edges. Prime and paint the island.

7. Using a table saw, cut the bottom shelves to size. Prime and paint them.

8. Install the bottom shelf and cut frames for the bottom shelf out of wood stock, using a miter saw to cut each joint at a 45 degree angle. Prime and paint the pieces and attach the frame to the precut bottom shelf using glue and nails.

9. On the frame, dry-fit the bottom shelf and screw it into position. Do the same thing with the center shelf.

10. You can use the same countertops that are throughout he kitchen or get creative.

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