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Connecting to Miami-Dade Water Lines

March 29, 2011

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

We have a buyer, purchasing a new home where the  main water line has already been  laid for municipal water.  The house has not yet been hooked up to the water line however.   The question is,  “Are they required  to connect?”  …  “And if so, by when?”

Miami Dade Water and Sewer  confirmed  today that although Miami-Dade does NOT require  home-buyers to hook-up to municipal water, mandatory hook ups CAN be mandated by  individual  local municipalities, cities, towns,  and villages .  

Miami does not require hook up (as of this writing) … however the Village of Pinecrest does.  Pinecrest is one of the towns requiring new home-owners to connect to City water, if the lines are in place, and they must do so within 90 days of the date they purchase a home.  

We wrote a blog on Mandatory Pinecrest Water Hook-Up that you can view on MiamiRealEstateCafe.com.  Although Pinecrest requires it, it is not mandatory elsewhere… and if you have questions as to mandatory or optional water hook ups, contact the municipalities directly.  There are likely construction fees that will be assessed at the time of hook-up…  and from what we’ve seen, those fees  can and do vary considerably…  The most recent two quotes on construction liens/fees ranged from $1,700 to $2,600 .   In addition to those construction fees (associated to the laying of the main water lines) … there may be additional charges for the water meter itself,  permits for the actual plumbing, and any charges your plumber quotes you for the actual connection to the main line.

Each Township has their own rules, but the City and County do not require you to hook up to their system.

 Looking to buy, sell or lease?    The Restivo Team can help you with the process, so call us today … We look forward to talking with you about your next property purchase!

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