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Choosing the Wrong Realtor Can Cost You

April 13, 2012

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

I received an offer on one of my listings … It’s literally a one page offer from another Realtor, accompanied by a text message to my iPhone, asking that I respond to the agent by phone or text the next day if the offer is accepted.

There’s no property address, no folio number, no terms, no closing date.

It’s written on a lender’s stationary,  specifying (not a whole lot more than) just the name of the buyer,  the approved mortgage amount,  the maximum purchase price permitted by the lender, and an allowable  percentage for seller contributions – if any.   It shows the seller as ‘owner of record’.   There’s a hefty escrow amount that’s ‘pending collection’ and an escrow agent  that is yet ‘to be decided’.

Seriously?  Could literally be for any house, anywhere…. and by no means is it even close to being an offer!

Those poor buyers!   I chatted with them and their Realtor, while they previewed the home I was selling…. We chatted about the neighborhood, schools, parks… about Miami in general … They asked questions… told me about their kids and their family and their house-hunting faux-pas.   As we toured the house, they shared with me that they’d lost out on another acquisition recently  –  and were devastated. Their Realtor expressed frustration too – about how hard it is to buy a house today.

After I read through their “offer” just now … the one they submitted on my listing …  there was little question  as to why  they’d lost out on that other property ….  and there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever  as to why they will undoubtedly  miss out on many, many more.

It really matters very little whether you are buying or selling …  It matters immensely though who you have representing you as a real estate agent.  Chosing the right Realtor can and often does make the difference between coming out on top,  or getting trampled.

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