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Buyers Want Single-Story Homes in Pinecrest Florida

January 3, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M


Do you own a one-story home in Pinecrest? If so, you are  (likely!)  holding onto one very hot commodity!   Over the past several months, Alexandra and I have noticed that there are increasingly sparse-pickings of single-story houses in Pinecrest.  We are keeping an eye peeled, on behalf of a  handful of  buyers we are working with… who are wanting to buy…  and ready to buy …  and there is very little available for sale in Pinecrest that fits their needs. 


Not that many years back, Pinecrest was a sea of older, ranch-style homes.  Now, many of those homes have been added to (or demolished) to make way for rather grandiose homes  –    the majority of which are two-story. 

Four to five bedroom homes (single story!) with a pool, are in fairly short supply.  Whether listed for (or valued anywhere between) $900,000 and $2 million … they are too big … and with more stairs than many of our empty-nest house-hunters are looking for at that  (or any!) price.   And it’s not just about home-buyers wanting to live in Pinecrest… it’s about their pets.  

In our household, we have two long-time family pets  (both rescue dogs) who struggle now…  getting up (and down!)  stairs.  As we head upstairs for the night, they often just curl up downstairs.

Child number three  is in his final phase of college decisions … and we are wondering why on earth we think we STILL need a two-story home …  I will say, I increasingly admire  our buyer-clients who have bitten the bullet and are opting to downsize.

Seeing  more and more homeowners who are  committed to simplifying, retiring, moving into something more manageable… and travelling  (you get the picture)…  I look differently at stairwells and second stories  these days… There is unquestionably a time for two-story homes and surrounding greenery… and there’s a time for less hassle, and a different “practicality”.  With so many buyers looking for one-story homes in Pinecrest and so few to sift through….  single-story homes are again becoming rather appealing commodities  in this particular area of South Florida.    Own one?

If you  do…  If you have a single-story Mediterranean-style or ranch-style home in Pinecrest, you are holding onto a goldmine of sorts … a home in short supply and in high demand.  Interested in selling (and maybe moving to a condo on the water)?  If so, we can help.   We’ve got buyers looking for homes like yours… ready, willing and able buyers… and we’ve got condos if you’re looking to go in that direction!   Call us, please…305 793-1365.

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