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Bidding Wars are BACK … How To Win The Bidding War

October 21, 2013

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M

Bidding wars are back … and with property in Miami becoming scarce,  bidding wars can be tough to win.

There’s not much inventory to choose from,  and buyers  are finding themselves competing against one other  for the good stuff …

Offering full list price isn’t necessarily enough  …

photo - wynns

More often than not,  I find that personal connections tend to sway decisions.   If you want the house be personable, and take whatever steps you can to connect with the seller.

We asked this family to write a note, that we’d submit along with their offer … and we asked that they include  a photo.   Their note was perfect …  The photo, taken of them sitting on a sofa – out in the middle of a field, was phenomenal…   ( memorable … catchy!)  .

There were other bids on the house they wanted.  The owner chose their offer.  It wasn’t the price … It wasn’t the timeframe …It wasn’t the other details.   What it boiled down to was a perceived personal connection,  which made the owner feel confident.   The listing agent told us that the note and photo made the owner feel that they were good people … and choose them over the competing bidders.  And what made this even more interesting:  The ‘owner’ was a corporation

Buying (or leasing) a house is not JUST a business transaction.   Personal connections do impact decisions – especially in multiple offer situations.  If you can’t meet the owner face-to-face,  you can make that owner feel like they know you – with a note and a photograph.

Share something personal about you and  your family … why you’re moving  … why you want that house, that neighborhood .

It may sound corny… but it works.  In a bidding war (and these days it often is!)  it can give you the advantage.

If you are looking to buy, sell or relocate, we would love to help with that next move  … The Restivo Hechtman Team at EWM Realty Int’l . Call  anytime: Vicki Restivo 305 793-1365 restivomiami@gmail.com  … Alexandra Hechtman 305 632-0164 hechtman.a@gmail.com

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