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Alternative to Starbucks in Miami? Miami’s Cuban Coffee and Italian Cappuccino

March 16, 2010

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M


While Starbucks may be the “end-all” or  “be-all”  for many of us coffee-enthusiasts,  Miami has a hand-full of  ‘secret’ competitors.  If you have a hankering  for Espresso,  Latte , Cappuccino (or Miami’s  famed  ” Cafe Cubano” – Cuban Coffee!)  here’s a sampling of a number of some of our local coffee hot spots  (alternatives to Starbucks)… for  Cuban Coffee, Italian Cappuccino or Espresso: 

In Coral Gables, Passion del Cielo brews up a frothy, rich cappuccino using rich, dark-roasted coffee …   and if you time your visit right, your server may swirl a heart into the froth.

coffee_beans2_(2)Chocolate Fashion on Andalusia uses Lavazza brand coffee, and serves up a piping hot, rich cappuccino  …  (or an rather watered down variety if you ask instead  for a latte).

Miami Beach has Caffe Segafredo on Lincoln Road… and there’s a new one about to open in South Miami.   

Scattered about town are a number of  stand-at-the-window sidewalk spots for Miami’s famed Cuban Coffee which comes pre-sugared unless you ask for it otherwise.  There’s “cafe or cafecito” which is along the lines of an individual espresso… a “colada” which is sweet dark coffee, meant to be shared, and served in  thimble-sized cups for that purpose,  “cortadito” which comes in a small-ish cup with hot milk… “caffe con leche” which is mostly hot milk unless you ask for it to be made ‘oscuro’… )   La Carretta, Versailles, and a handful of others stay open until the wee hours of the morning.   The reason their coffee is so good probably has something to do with the fact that their machine is rarely turned off.   I suppose the reason our ‘home’ version isn’t nearly as good … is because it’s rarely turned on.

Please feel free to add  to this blog list…. and share your favorite coffee hot spots with the rest of us (…and….your favorite Starbucks locations too please!)

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