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Miami Real Estate – 10 Reasons to Get a HOME INSPECTION !

October 16, 2009

P R O P E R T Y   S E A R C H

R E S T I V O – H E C H T M A N    T E A M


BUYING A HOUSE?    Why add to your expenses by spending for a home inspection?   Buying a OLDER house, you might see WHY you might want inspection done, but if you are buying  new construction …or a condo… (especially direct from the developer)… why spend the money?  Afterall,  it’s new, right?  What could possibly be wrong?   The short answer:  A LOT could be wrong… and spending a little on a home inspection could be a wise move… whether you are the buyer OR the seller!

In Miami, sellers are  required to ‘spill the beans’ on anything they are aware of in the way of defects to the home, whether visible or not.  So, you might think that would cover everything.  I think not.  Buying or selling property in Miami?   Spending a little on a home inspection may save you BIG BUCKS  in the long run.

I have yet to stumble across a house that didn’t have some sort of imperfection (even in brand new construction!).  BUYERS AND SELLERS (BOTH!) are wise to RELY ON HOME INSPECTIONS IN MIAMI !

A home inspection will tell you what is perhaps unknown even to the seller, and things that might not readily visible to  either  buyer or the seller.   Even if you’re buying property  “AS IS WITH RIGHT TO INSPECT”  having a home inspection will pinpoint items in need of repair or attention,  and address more serious potential expenditures down the road, which (with correction early) may  indeed  prevent more subtantial expense and aggravation later.home-inpsector

A home inspection offers a peak into what you as the buyer/seller might not necessarily have knowledge of.  If you are  buying or selling real estate  in Miami, please call me at 305 793-1365 or send me  a note here

Anyone can order a home inspection, and for the roughly $250 -$550 that an inspection might set you back (depending upon the size of the home itself)  it’s often well worth the time and effort … for peace of mind. Generally covered in an inspection are:

1)Roof: General condition. Specific commentary as to  flashings, fascia, soffits and screens,vents, rafters & joists, gutters, skylights. (Checking for evidence of current leakage through the roof coverings.)

2)Structural:  Foundation. Walls/Ceilings. Roof Framing  ( To identify evidence of abnormal settlement, lateral movement or weakness to loan bearing structural components, moisture damage, and possible unpermitted work.)

3)Mechanical: Air Handler.Condensing units. duct work, thermostats, air flow, insulation/refrigerant, electrical resistance,fans/filters. (To assess the condition of the cooling/heating systems.)

4)Electrical: Interior/exterior fixtures. Outlets.GFI’s. Circuit breakers/fuses.Smoke alarms. Fans.Wiring. Grounding.

5)Plumbing: Pipes.Drains.Faucets.Toilets.Sinks.Bathtubs.

6)Appliances:  Everything from the washer/dryer, microwave, oven, cooktop,refrigerator, garbage disposal,to the kitchen cabinets and countertops and  even exterior built in grills.

7)Doors/Windows: Functionality and condition. Condition of exterior gates, fencing, hurricane shutters.

8)Pool/Spa:  Structure. Finish. Piping. Pump/filter/valves. Lights. Leaks.

9)Wood Destroying Organisms(Evidence of drywood termites, wood decaying fungi, ground termites… live or past evidence)

10)Four Point Inspection/Wind Mitigation… Yes there is  an additional inspection charge for this… but for the pennies spent to get a  FOUR POINT INSPECTION  you could potentially SAVE BIG BUCKS  ON INSURANCE COSTS.   

Mold, Radon, Termites, Septic… are often optional additions … so if you want those, make sure to specify that to the inspection company.

We will be happy to provide you with home inspection company recommendations. Homeowners sometimes order a home inspection prior to listing the house… which takes away a lot of the mystery, making theirs a more attractive listing!  Having a home inspection is not just for buyers!   Explore  our website and blog posts: http://MiamiRealEstateCafe.com .

Questions?  For any of your real estate needs, whether you are buying, selling or investing, please call us  at (305) 793-1365  or send us a note here.  

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