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Homepath Loans in Florida

HOMEPATH LOANS  (offering 90% financing on real estate acquisitions) are possible only on Fannie Mae owned properties.  Homepath requires only a  10%  down-payment,  with NO mortgage insurance , and NO appraisal.  That’s good for investors (although...

Buying A Home: Financing Concerns

Most people buying a home find that they need to finance at least part of their purchase. This is one of the first steps to take in buying a new home.- figure out your financial situation and make a reasonable estimate on how you will pay for the purchase. Things to...


There are many questions surrounding the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, so here are some answers. A deed-in-lieu of means that the borrower conveys all interest to the lender in order to satisfy the loan that’s in default and avoid foreclosure. This process is...

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