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Coral Gables Farmers Market

Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, flowers, plants and many activities at the Coral Gables Farmers Market. The market runs every Saturday from January 15- March 26 on the corner of Le Jeune and Miracle Mile. There are also work shops and classes such as...

Spring Gardening Tips To Spruce Up Your Home

With the following spring gardening tips, I’m going to help you (along with the help of HGTV) spruce up your garden and make your yard appealing this spring.   1. Work the soil when it’s mostly dry. The whole structure of the soil gets destroyed with...

Miami Weather

A picture is worth a thousand words!   I’ve questioned  (so many times!) WHY Florida laws require  homes to have HEAT, and no laws  whatsoever requiring AIR CONDITIONING.    With temperatures dipping close to freezing in Florida for days now… 2010 is off...

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