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Decorator Ready Means WHAT … in Miami?

When you buy property in Miami “decorator ready”…  you are not buying a finished townhome or condo that looks like the model… nor are you buying something that’s  “ready to move in”!  Instead,  you’ll need to finish...

Allure of the MIAMI townhouse!

For a variety of reasons, villas and townhouses are a plausible answer to ‘what’s next?’ Whether you want to lock-up and take-off for a well-deserved romp around the globe… or  eliminate  entirely the hassle of maintaining a large home ( and...

Best Place to Live in South Florida: City of Doral ranked among TOP 2 in the USA by CNNMoney.Com and Forbes.com

The BEST 100 cities  in America?  Two of them are in South Florida! Tauted for it’s combination of  lifestyle and business opportunity Doral is ranked among the top two South Florida municipalities by CNN Money.com.  Business opportunity, coupled...

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