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HGTV Miami: Want to Sell Soon? Then HGTV is looking for You!

  We are looking for home-owners  who would soon like to sell…  and … would be willing to have it documented on HGTV.   If  you are willing to share your story … your journey …and would like to sell your home  through us … we would like...

Selling your House in Miami? How to Determine the PRICE!

How do you, the seller,  determine the true market value of the house you’re wanting to sell?  What the seller wants or needs is not the  determining factor for pricing the house.  Market value,  recent sales in the neighborhood, and homes competing with yours...

How Window Treatments Can Help Sell Your House

  When someone is trying to sell a house, more often than not, window treatments are not one of first things on their mind. Most people consider window blinds or shades to be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase like roofing or flooring mainly because custom treatments can...

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