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Benefits of Owning Your Own Home

I just got a call from a University of Miami law student.  He read a blog I’d written about his building.   His  rental unit,  he said,  had just been listed for sale by a Realtor,  and he was anxious to find another place to live.  Not much of a stretch to...

Restivo Team – Miami Realtors

We appreciate the opportunity to  market and sell a diverse section of homes all across Miami.  Despite the “doom and gloom real estate woes” that continue to be plastered across the news media,  we have seen a definite upswing in real estate sales this...

Pinecrest Resident Survey Results

Pinecrest residents answered questions on a survey asking them about everything from how satisfied they are about the services received by the Village of Pinecrest, to whether or not the city needs a dog park  (52% said yes). Below are two graphs which summarize what...

Spring Gardening Tips To Spruce Up Your Home

With the following spring gardening tips, I’m going to help you (along with the help of HGTV) spruce up your garden and make your yard appealing this spring.   1. Work the soil when it’s mostly dry. The whole structure of the soil gets destroyed with...

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