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Getting An Appraisal

You have an executed contract on the home of your dreams. You’ve determined that there are no defects on title and you have done inspections amd resolved anything that came out of that process. Now it’s time to order an appraisal. The appraisal is an...

Buying a Home … The Down Payment

The biggest upfront cost in purchasing a home is the down payment. Traditional lenders typically expect borrowers to put at least 20% of a loans total amount down. If a borrower is unable to do that, they are required to purchase Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI),...

Things to Keep in Mind When Getting a Loan

Applying for a loan can seem like a daunting task. Use these tips as a starting point and make it easier to understand what you’re getting yourself into.   You should ask your lending institution for a list of its current mortgage rates. Also ask the lender...


There are many questions surrounding the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, so here are some answers. A deed-in-lieu of means that the borrower conveys all interest to the lender in order to satisfy the loan that’s in default and avoid foreclosure. This process is...

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