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Curious about Real Estate Values in Miami?

  If you are looking to find  Real Estate Values in Miami, keep in mind that the Dade County property  record is NOT an appraisal, NOR does it give you an appraised value for your property.  If you are looking for real tax values, go to the MiamiDade.Gov website. ...

Expert Testimony from a Realtor

  We were recently asked to provide a comparative market analysis (CMA)  on three separate Miami properties … for a court hearing… and were on standby,  all afternoon… as  expert witnesses.   As Real Estate Experts, we regularly compile a market...

Selling your House in Miami? How to Determine the PRICE!

How do you, the seller,  determine the true market value of the house you’re wanting to sell?  What the seller wants or needs is not the  determining factor for pricing the house.  Market value,  recent sales in the neighborhood, and homes competing with yours...

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